A new family has moved in next door!

I spent yesterday morning in my dispensary updating my client notes and gazing out of the window onto the farmyard. A little striped feral cat kept going in and out of one of the sheds, so I went to investigate. Up the stairs into the hayloft, and in one of the grain hoppers was an old sack with four tiny kittens cuddling each other. Mum looks very skinny, but she seems to like canned tuna. Her babies look around four weeks old – too young to be rehomed at the moment – but they’re as feisty as Mum, hissing and spitting at me with gay abandon. Mum was probably born in the wild too as she is obviously completely unused to people. The right thing to do would be to gather them all up when the kittens are weaned and take them off to the vet for neutering, but that’s going to be pricey for five of them. All the local cat shelters are full to bursting, and I already have a former feral cat (Smokey)  who decided to adopt me after giving birth to her daughter (Button). So if there’s anyone out there in East Yorkshire who would like to adopt a kitten next month, give me a call. Don’t know their sex yet as they refuse to be handled, but there are two with beautiful mackerel stripes, a shy black one, and a little white one with tortoiseshell splodges.  I’ll try to take a photo in a couple of days, once they get more used to me.

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