Hedgerow Jelly


1kg crabapples

1kg mixed hedgerow berries (sloes, rosehips, hawthorn berries, blackberries, elderberries, wild raspberries, rowan berries)

Around 1kg sugar

Jelly bag or muslin cloth

Remove stalks from berries and rinse. Roughly chop apples without removing peel or core. Place all fruit in a pan with 1200 ml water. Heat gently to simmering point and keep at a simmer until fruit is soft and pulpy. Remove from heat.

Pour the contents through a scalded (to sterilise) jelly bag or muslin and leave to drip overnight. Do not squeeze or the jelly will turn cloudy.

Next day measure the juice. For every 600ml allow 450g sugar. Bring the juice slowly to the boil then add sugar just as it starts to boil, stirring until it has dissolved. Then boil rapidly without stirring for 9-10 minutes until setting point is reached (drop a little jelly onto a cold saucer – one that’s been in the fridge – and allow to cool for a minute. It should crinkle when gently pushed with a finger. Alternatively use a preserving thermometer:104.5oC is setting point)

Skim the jelly then pot & seal as quickly as possible. Use within a year

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