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Smokey the Cat

Smokey the Cat

Hello. I thought it was about time I joined the blogging community. From time to time I’ll be posting my thoughts on herbal medicine and anything else that might take my fancy and I invite you to post your comments and ideas too. Most of you will have arrived here via Purple Sage Botanicals, my herbal information resource, but for those of you who are wondering who I am, here are a few personal stats:

My name is Christine Haughton and I am a Medical Herbalist. I live in a farmhouse on the Yorkshire Wolds with Smokey, a little feral moggy who recently decided to adopt me and who is now very much in charge. I spend most of my time on consultations with clients, packing up and sending out all the orders that come in (thank you!) and updating the website, but for a little light relief I spend a couple of days a week keeping up with my former career as an archaeologist with the Landscape Research Centre. In between all this I enjoy making my lotions & potions, collecting medicinal herbs from the beautiful countryside that surrounds me, listening to music, reading in bed, and avoiding housework at all costs.
Why don’t you post a message to introduce yourself!

9 Responses to About Me

  1. pullawinkie says:

    Alternative names.

    ‘Hot on (Haughton) Herbs!’

    ‘Tin Tin’s Tinctures!’

    ‘Hooray for Herbs!’

    Pullawinkie xoxo

  2. Sarah Head says:

    Hi Christine

    Great to see you have a blog. We’ve been trying to gather all the UK herbal blogs together to form a UK Herbring. I do hope you will join us. If so, please contact Debs from the Herb Society and she will tell you what to do. You can email her at debs ‘at’ herbal-haven.co.uk.

    Best wishes


  3. Helen Terry says:

    Hi Christine,

    just stumbled across your very attractive web-site whilst in research Cowslips – fascinating information. thank you.


  4. Christine says:

    Thanks Helen. I’m glad you like the website.

  5. Angela Acton says:

    I came across this while looking for something I could make from Borage. We have an excess of it here and its a shame to waste it.
    Last year I prepared some of the flowers in the method used for Bach flower remedies, with some interesting results.

    Thank you for your article, I am delighted to find such a useful website. I will visit again.

  6. Lisa says:

    Good day to you Christine! Firstly may I commend you on your wonderfully informative site and secondly may I ask if and when you are going to be running your meetings, as I would love to come along. Thank you Lisa

    • Christine says:

      Hi Lisa. Thanks for your kind comments. Unfortunately the meetings are on hold for the moment (I’ve been very ill) but I hope to resume them after the summer. In the meantime I’ll be hosting a Medicinal Herb Walk in West Heslerton on June 24th – if you’re interested let me know and I’ll give you the details.

  7. Hello Christine, just came across your website while doing some research. Thank you for your insights into the herbal world (across the pond). I am a clinical herbalist in the United States, Tampa, Florida to be exact. Trying to bring this information to others that want to use a natural approach. It’s not very easy as we are a nation of “fix it now with a pill”. Anyway, it is my passion and I enjoy learning from others. I look forward to reading your blog and seeing what you are up to!

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